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TV landscape could be flipped upside down image

In an effort to stay up to date on this blog topic, following is a news update: SpectrumAuctionMagicNumber:$86Billion TVNewsCheck, June 29, 2016 12:24 PM EDT The FCC’s reverse auction has just concluded, with the FCC promising to pay broadcasters $86,422,558,704 to either go off the air (or channel share); move from a UHF to a high VHF or low VHF channel; or move from a high VHF channel to a low VHF channel. The FCC won’t know if it will be able to pay broadcasters the $86-plus billion until it completes the forward auction of the promised spectrum to wireless bidders. If it falls short, the commission will have to redo the reverse auction in a second stage until the numbers line ...

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A mother’s recipe for combining data and instinct image

The results are in. The charting is complete. The analytics, testing and evaluation have been done. The data clearly points to A. There’s certainly a great deal of talk today about big data. Data defines paths and helps steer decisions. It helps create strategies, target ads and track activity (with an accuracy that can get downright scary at times). After all, numbers don’t lie. Ours is a business that relies on data. It’s useful and helpful and with the proper analysis, definitely helps drive results. But what about instinct? Hunch? Intuition? Gut? An idea that just feels right? GEICO’s Gecko was “hatched” with no research or intention of producing a long-running campaign. Look how that turned out. Sometimes common sense and ...

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SMZ welcomes Sara Voight image

Sara Voight recently joined the SMZ staff as Director of Finance and Administration.  We sat down with Sara to ask her about her vision for our finance department’s future and get a little personal dirt as well. What made you choose SMZ? It was the sense of culture I got during the interview process. It felt like there was a lot of activity but it wasn’t tension filled. It felt like people were happy to be here. I did my homework and knew the firm’s reputation for integrity and I liked that it was a privately held, family-owned business. How’s it going so far? I love it. I feel comfortable, relaxed. Many coworkers have taken the time to help explain ...

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Guilty pleasures image

I’m alone in my car, scrolling through the radio stations and I stumble upon a song. One I start singing along to and am too embarrassed to name.  Then I read about a Nielsen study that said this type of “guilty pleasure” listenership leapt when the people meters came into play. Listeners like their well-worn ballads. Guilty pleasures are those things “they” say we shouldn’t like, but we like anyway. We just don’t admit it. Hence, the guilt. But then, of course, knowing we shouldn’t drives the pleasure part. Even in the workplace, indulging a guilty pleasure on occasion has its place. So I asked some SMZers (what’s embellished and what are mine?) to name their guily pleasures and our ...

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Say hi to Michelle Hoskins image

SMZ welcomes Michelle Hoskins to the team as a new business coordinator intern.  Michelle is a recent Oakland University graduate with a degree in journalism and a minor in advertising.  While at Oakland University Michelle was part of the OU News Bureau, a dedicated group of journalism students covering news of interest in the metro area.  She previously interned at Know Advertising as an account manager.  In her free time Michelle is an avid violinist and has been playing for 15 years. Welcome to SMZ, Michelle!

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Every day is an opportunity to create a meaningful customer experience image

It’s more than service. It goes beyond product: customer experience is the end-to-end journey, the cumulative impact — and in the ad business, an ongoing one. We always remember the bad parts. Concerns blown off. Being put on hold and forgotten. But then there are those amazing experiences, the ones that make you feel like, wow, these people really embrace their business. Really care. Go the extra mile. Like one of the owners of Zingerman’s Deli who can tell what you’re going to order before you actually do. That’s knowing your customer. The book, “Summit,” by F. Scott Addis, does a great job of breaking down the relationship between business success and elevating your customers’ experience with some key recommendations. ...

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