Every day is an opportunity to create a meaningful customer experience

June 1, 2016
June 1, 2016 smz-blog

Every day is an opportunity to create a meaningful customer experience

It’s more than service. It goes beyond product: customer experience is the end-to-end journey, the cumulative impact — and in the ad business, an ongoing one.

We always remember the bad parts. Concerns blown off. Being put on hold and forgotten. But then there are those amazing experiences, the ones that make you feel like, wow, these people really embrace their business. Really care. Go the extra mile. Like one of the owners of Zingerman’s Deli who can tell what you’re going to order before you actually do. That’s knowing your customer.

The book, “Summit,” by F. Scott Addis, does a great job of breaking down the relationship between business success and elevating your customers’ experience with some key recommendations.

  • Listen to each customer. Hear their goals and passions. Everyone really, really likes to be heard. That’s a no brainer for us here at SMZ. It’s an integral part of our simple but effective process: Listen. Think. Do.
  • Emphasize how you’re different. Because that’s what you want: to be different — not one of the crowd.
  • Show the value of what you’re offering. Create a connection, demonstrate value — and not price value. Create a loyal customer or client by what you can give them. And following through. That’s why SMZ has long-term client relationships, some lasting for decades.
  • Be passionate and creative. Make every solution a new possibility, not merely status quo.
  • Show you’re committed 100 percent. After all, your clients are why you’re in this business. Give them respect and great results, and they’ll tell others. At SMZ, our clients are our best advocates.
  • Show ‘em the love. Loyalty and differentiation are what make a difference. And what make you invaluable.

Mr. Addis says there’s evidence that companies with the highest customer experience grow faster. Those without, lose out.

Customer experience is one thing at which SMZ has always excelled. How about your company?

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Trish Cowan, Senior Copywriter

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