A mother’s recipe for combining data and instinct

June 20, 2016
June 20, 2016 smz-blog

A mother’s recipe for combining data and instinct

The results are in. The charting is complete. The analytics, testing and evaluation have been done. The data clearly points to A.

There’s certainly a great deal of talk today about big data. Data defines paths and helps steer decisions. It helps create strategies, target ads and track activity (with an accuracy that can get downright scary at times). After all, numbers don’t lie.

Ours is a business that relies on data. It’s useful and helpful and with the proper analysis, definitely helps drive results. But what about instinct? Hunch? Intuition? Gut? An idea that just feels right? GEICO’s Gecko was “hatched” with no research or intention of producing a long-running campaign. Look how that turned out.

Sometimes common sense and intuition work in powerful ways. I remember how many times my mom was dead right about something, without the least bit of data at all. And she was a statistician and pioneer in advertising research.

I get excited about our agency’s ability to create ideas that drive results from a combination of data, good business sense and intuition. What do you think? And no need to ask your mom. Trust me, she already knows.

Jamie Michelson, President/CEO


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