SMZ Welcomes Stephen Timblin as new ECD

TROY, MI, July 11, 2019 – Jamie Michelson, president of SMZ, announced today that Stephen Timblin has joined the agency as executive creative director.With more than 20 years experience in the worlds of adve.... Read more

SMZ Unplugged

At our agency, we have the usual cadre of electronic equipment: copiers, servers, printers, computers, TVs, kitchen appliances, space heaters and even a Coke machine. But one little red box receives special tr.... Read more

Unheralded Innovations

Why do we herald plug-in cars that can't even travel the length of Michigan and the inventor of the curved shower curtain rod goes largely unrecognized? When I first started in advertising, a business trip .... Read more

Seven things to keep in mind as social media changes

This is it! We have shared the general tips of how to engage with social media as a business, and how to master writing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We hope you  have enjoyed these tips and have much .... Read more

Eight ways to engage your users on Instagram

Instagram is all about the looks. This platform has the ability to show users who you are as a business in beautiful, simple squares. Although the picture is a huge part of being successful on Instagram, you a.... Read more