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A May 2016 article in Entrepreneur¬†identified that large and small businesses are recommitting to direct mail as they discover that the pendulum may have swung too far in the digital-only direction. Shaun Buck The Newsletter Pro points out an example: Costco sends 8.6 million magazines/catalogs per month — the third largest monthly publication in the world. The average member who receives Costco Connection has a household income of $156,000 annually, and 56 percent of members who receive the monthly magazine buy something based off of what they read in it. Costco considered discontinuing the print version of the magazine, but found that their members preferred it to the digital edition. Ginnie M. Roeglin, Senior VP of Costco’s e-commerce and publishing, ...

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Why does it matter which pen? image

My top desk drawer is full of the usual: paper clips, change, post-it notes, keys to who knows what, a bag of jump drives filled with who knows what, and pens. Pens of all shapes, sizes, and colors. What is it that makes some mornings scream for jotting things with a Sharpie while other moments call for a precise point? Then it hit me the other morning at the dentist: tools. The hygienist kept pulling different implements off the tray to scrape my teeth. From my up-close, open-mouthed POV some were fine point and some thicker. Some were shiny metal and others more matte. All worked to make something rough much more smooth. When I got back to my office ...

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Experience Matters. image

Late last year I tried a couple of Yoga Basics classes. I certainly see the appeal and have much to learn. In other words, I suck but I’m not giving up. At one class a much older gentleman was doing yoga. He was more fluid than me, had a definite spring in his step, and I gather an active mind. After the class (because during class you are encouraged to stay in the moment) I began thinking about the parallels to how older companies stay young. They try things. They work on being flexible. They know who they are. Sometimes they hang out with the cool kids. Other times with seasoned veterans. They repeat an activity over a long period ...

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