Why does it matter which pen?

April 20, 2017
April 20, 2017 smz-blog

Why does it matter which pen?

My top desk drawer is full of the usual: paper clips, change, post-it notes, keys to who knows what, a bag of jump drives filled with who knows what, and pens. Pens of all shapes, sizes, and colors. What is it that makes some mornings scream for jotting things with a Sharpie while other moments call for a precise point?

Then it hit me the other morning at the dentist: tools. The hygienist kept pulling different implements off the tray to scrape my teeth. From my up-close, open-mouthed POV some were fine point and some thicker. Some were shiny metal and others more matte. All worked to make something rough much more smooth.

When I got back to my office I reached for a pen. Wrote a few things. Then grabbed a different pen to finish up my edits on a creative brief. I’m a professional wielding my tools. My pens. They don’t need power. They don’t make much noise. They can hurt. (Remember that mightier than the sword thing?) Mostly they feel great to use. Add a bit of highlighter over the top and I’ve made something special.

Penning this reminder: the U.S. Postal Service declared April as National Letter Writing month “to raise awareness of the importance and historical significance of card and letter writing.” A few months ago in this space I was going paperless. But when I paper, it’s nice to put the right (write) pen to use.

Jamie Michelson, President/CEO

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