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Ways to make conversations with anyone easier image

Some of us are natural conversationalists. For others, not so much. But there are times when we meet someone we know can be a valuable business asset or customer. Here are a few good conversation starters … Do you know … Mutual acquaintances help people think of you as familiar and part of their work or social circle. A shared experience. Are you from the same town? Go to the same school? Have a common hobby? This is always a good way to get someone talking. Compliment them. “Great shirt.” “I love that handbag.” Appreciate their taste. But remember, comments on physical appearances are off limits. And never overdo it. Note something pleasant. “This is a great venue.” Starting a ...

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Going Paperless image

eStatements. eBills. ePolicies. eNotifications. I’m working diligently on being more paperless.  Completely paperless is an unreasonable goal. One blog had a nice compromise phrase: paper-lite. Thought I’d outline what I’m doing and see if I can get some additional suggestions. Taking my notes on paper and then scanning. Slowly taking paper files and using the Scannable app to store that information in a now searchable manner via Evernote. Accessing all client-specific and agency operational documents from folders in Dropbox. Switching all financial paper billing statements to e-statement format. Note: I won’t opt-out of junk mail and catalogs as it’s important for me to see what brands are doing in that channel. Just before digitally drafting this blog I completed handwritten ...

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Welcome Victoria! image

We are so happy to have Victoria Arroyo working with us as our winter intern. Victoria is currently a senior at Oakland University earning her degree in communications and a minor in advertising. Her previous work experience has primarily been with children and she enjoys the change of pace working with adults. Her favorite hobby is photography and she loves learning new digital and dark room techniques. Victoria also enjoys critiquing top chefs on the Food Network while sipping vanilla lattes.

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Think image

It seems obvious that before you develop a marketing communications program or message, you take time to think through your options. But too often, deadlines and compressed schedules dictate what’s possible. These days, the cadence of life is driven by technology. It accelerates everything, placing urgency on business and marketing decisions. The variety of ways we engage and communicate with our target audiences has exploded, which only serves to accelerate things even more. Many marketing decisions are now programmatic based with real-time bidding for impression opportunities made in the two-tenths of a second it takes a web page to load.  But developing the ideas, strategies and key messages behind these efforts still requires the attribute of thinking to make rapid-fire ...

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10 ways to be a mentally strong marketing pro image

I’ve read about Navy SEALS and the challenges — physical and mental — they must endure to make the cut. The mental portion intrigues me. After all, our business is not for the faint of heart. So I then read a great article about mental strength. The author says to increase yours, you need to change your outlook and be willing to do things no one else wants to do. And do them regularly.          Such as … Fight when you already feel defeated. Quitting when the going gets tough gets easier every time. Force yourself to face the challenge and it will become easier. Delay gratification. Patience and learning you have to put in the time ...

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