10 ways to be a mentally strong marketing pro

February 9, 2017
February 9, 2017 smz-blog

10 ways to be a mentally strong marketing pro

I’ve read about Navy SEALS and the challenges — physical and mental — they must endure to make the cut. The mental portion intrigues me. After all, our business is not for the faint of heart.

So I then read a great article about mental strength. The author says to increase yours, you need to change your outlook and be willing to do things no one else wants to do. And do them regularly.          Such as …

  1. Fight when you already feel defeated. Quitting when the going gets tough gets easier every time. Force yourself to face the challenge and it will become easier.
  2. Delay gratification. Patience and learning you have to put in the time are crucial to succeeding.
  3. You’ll make mistakes. You’ll look like an idiot. Try again. You’re going to fail. Who cares what anyone thinks? Just keep keeping on.
  4. Keep your emotions in check. A good mood and overconfidence can be as distracting as a bad mood. Keep under control.
  5. Make the right call no matter what. Make the hard choices. Do what’s best for everyone in the long run. Push through the challenge.
  6. Trust your gut. Moms know this one. Believe in your ability to make the right decision.
  7. Lead even when no one follows. Believe in yourself no matter what and stay on course.
  8. Focus even when you can’t anymore. The mind-numbing details are a challenge. Dig in.
  9. Be nice to people who are not nice to you. Never stoop to their level. Don’t let them walk on you, but don’t let them bring you down.
  10. Always be accountable. No excuses. No scapegoats. Show you care about the results.

Whew. Being mentally strong is exhausting. But it’s also exhilarating and an important trait in the marketing business, where things go right just as easily as they can sometimes go wrong. Just like with physical strength, mental strength takes practice and perseverance. But keep at it and you’ll see positive results.

What do you do to stay mentally strong?

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Trish Cowan, Senior Copywriter

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