Going Paperless

February 20, 2017
February 20, 2017 smz-blog

Going Paperless

eStatements. eBills. ePolicies. eNotifications. I’m working diligently on being more paperless.  Completely paperless is an unreasonable goal. One blog had a nice compromise phrase: paper-lite. Thought I’d outline what I’m doing and see if I can get some additional suggestions.

Taking my notes on paper and then scanning.
Slowly taking paper files and using the Scannable app to store that information in a now searchable manner via Evernote.
Accessing all client-specific and agency operational documents from folders in Dropbox.
Switching all financial paper billing statements to e-statement format.
Note: I won’t opt-out of junk mail and catalogs as it’s important for me to see what brands are doing in that channel.

Just before digitally drafting this blog I completed handwritten thank you notes. It became clear that I’m going to be waging the paper-paperless battle for years to come. Especially when that thought pops into my head at 3 a.m. Now where should I write this down … ?

Jamie Michelson, President/CEO

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