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Crain’s Detroit announced their biennial list of Michigan’s coolest places to work and we are proud to say that we made the list…at 87 years old. That’s pretty cool, right? Every two years Crain’s honors employers based on the combined, weighted results of two questionnaires. One is given to employees and the other to employers.  We are extremely proud to receive this recognition and to be among such great company. Our heritage, mission and clients inspire us to keep it cool. Every day we research, conceptualize and implement fresh ideas. No matter what we are working on, we integrate our method of “Listen. Think. Do.” That includes the work we do for ourselves. To come up with likeable ideas we ...

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Should your business catch Pokémon? image

I had never played any version of Pokémon until the buzz about Pokémon Go became unavoidable and piqued my curiosity. Thankfully, my good friend was able to teach me how to “catch them all” and helped me successfully join Team Mystic. (It was a big deal.) After several lessons on becoming a Pokémon master I now have an understanding of how the game works.  Users download the game to their smartphone and the application uses the player’s location to create an augmented reality. As the player navigates their surroundings, an avatar follows along on the map. The map shows where to find Pokéstops and Gyms. These are places to collect supplies and battle other teams, respectively. Along the way users ...

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Attitude is Everything image

We all know we should leave our troubles outside the workplace, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Although not necessarily easy, it’s healthier to put our problems aside and central to communicating with others about our place of business. They say put a smile on your face and you’ll feel better and I believe it’s true. Negative emotions show in the tone and inflection of our voices as well as in our faces. Have you ever called a business and the person answering sounds sad, angry or just bored? I’ve heard it many times, and it’s a turn-off.  It’s my first impression of your business (and of you too, for that matter) and there’s ‘THAT’ voice.  I feel my ...

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Say hi to Stacy Yoder image

We’re enjoying working with our summer intern, Stacy Yoder.  Stacy is a senior at Wayne State University majoring in Marketing Communications/Advertising and graduating this December. She is president of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) student organization at WSU and a mentee in the WSU Mike Ilitch School of Business Corporate Mentorship Program. When she’s not busy at SMZ, Stacy loves playing recreational soccer with friends, catching ‘em all on Pokémon Go, watching anything on HGTV or SpongeBob, and searching for her dream home on Zillow.

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Referral madness image

In today’s mail and email, I received offers for miles, rewards, points, a billing credit and a free ride. All I had to do was refer a friend or family member. Oh, and enter a code and have them enter a tracking code. Of course I recognize that referral programs are incredibly efficient (thanks Dropbox) and have a low cost per acquisition. A study was conducted by the Goethe University Frankfurt and the University of Pennsylvania on referral programs and customer value which followed the customer referral program of a German bank. That bank paid customers 25 euros for bringing in a new customer. The study found that referred customers were both more profitable and loyal than other customers. Referred ...

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Yep, we can produce that image

One of the many advantages of a full service agency is having multiple experts on hand to help fulfill any imaginable marketing need no matter the objective, budget, complexity or deadline. Recently we sat down with our own Kathleen Finley, SVP/Director of Print Production (who directs so much more than printing), to get the latest on the wonderful, wacky world of print production these days. What’s the most challenging part of your job? I would say budgets first.  Everyone thinks they can ‘find it cheaper on the internet’ but you can’t find SMZ’s expertise on the web. Then deadlines second.   But our production department pulls off delivery dates without sacrificing project quality.  At least I like to think so! What ...

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