Attitude is Everything

August 17, 2016
August 17, 2016 smz-blog

Attitude is Everything

We all know we should leave our troubles outside the workplace, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Although not necessarily easy, it’s healthier to put our problems aside and central to communicating with others about our place of business.

They say put a smile on your face and you’ll feel better and I believe it’s true. Negative emotions show in the tone and inflection of our voices as well as in our faces. Have you ever called a business and the person answering sounds sad, angry or just bored? I’ve heard it many times, and it’s a turn-off.  It’s my first impression of your business (and of you too, for that matter) and there’s ‘THAT’ voice.  I feel my inner self recoil, if only for a second. That’s not the first reaction you want someone to have of your business.

My voice is often the first one people hear when they call SMZ as I am the keeper of the main telephone lines.  I realize it’s a small thing but an important one, to sound a little upbeat, even in the morning when I am still shaking the sand from my eyes, trying to get as much coffee down my gullet as quickly as possible.  (We have good coffee!) It’s not an act and you needn’t sound crazy happy, which could be slightly off-putting. Just truly be interested in what people have to say, what they need and why they are calling your place of business.

In addition to the phones, there are big, beautiful glass doors that people enter when they visit SMZ. Should I be preoccupied with my work, lifting my head with a small hint of annoyance when someone enters those doors? We’ve all experienced ‘THAT’ face, and it should never happen. I need to greet you immediately with a smile and a welcome. It’s positive energy that can surround people from the time they step into the office until they leave. We’re not bombarding them with a false cheerfulness, as we aren’t robots (at least not yet!) nor are our guests.

Keeping your attitude natural while being truly interested in people will keep you ‘present’ and can even be a welcome respite from whatever worries you have outside the office.

Karen Grady, Account Coordinator

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