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TV-based content is still king standard

– Terri Peirce, Director of Media Buying ‘Tis the season when all of the networks are flaunting their new and improved fall schedules, parading stars to major advertisers in an effort to garner the largest possible share of the “upfront” budgets. And yes, we’ve been hearing more and more about how the networks compete with each other across all digital platforms—multiple screen, cross-media and social media too. But most buyers and network execs agree that screening shows and program strategies—though traditional and old-fashioned—are still where the viewership—and money—is. I think CBS CEO Les Moonves said it best: “Everybody’s talking about the second screen but the first screen must come first. There’s no second screen without it.”  The bottom line is, ...

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There’s a whole world out there! standard

– Mary Bridget Gielow, VP/Management Supervisor Remember the movie Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray’s character wakes up to the same day, every day?  There are people who live “Groundhog Day” lives with the same daily routine — same drive to work, same office desk and chair, same lunch, same way to handle business.  It’s a safe and comfortable way to live, but it’s stagnant. Ken Blanchard’s recent article “Open Your World” in Chief Learning Officer is a great reminder that we all need to engage ourselves in new experiences to grow, both personally and professionally.   The core idea is to never stop learning through new experiences. Ken shared a great list of how to open oneself to growth: Shadow someone ...

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Go ahead, spoil me. It’ll make you happy. standard

– Webster Michelson, Agency Pooch (as dictated to Ann McGee, SVP/General Manager) It’s estimated that Americans will spend $52.87 billion on pet products and services in 2012.  That’s billion with a “b” as in “bone” or “biscuit.”  In order of highest expenditure: Food (my personal favorite) Supplies/OTC meds Vet care (my least favorite) Animal adoptions Pet services – grooming and boarding What makes pets worthy?  Studies show that making us happy makes you happy.  We pets are not as complicated as humans.  It’s pretty easy for you to make us happy.  A good meal, a walk in any weather, a little play time, a warm lap or spot next to you. Like canines, humans are pack animals, pack animals with ...

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Addicted to Costco standard

– John Gielow, Director of Digital Strategy For me it all started with my first child.  The sticker shock for baby formula sent me looking elsewhere than my local grocery store.  Nearly 15 years later I continue to make the bi-monthly pilgrimage to the warehouse with carts large enough to fit a family of four and a big screen TV. CNBC’s Costco Craze aired this past week and really surprised this seasoned Costco shopper with some incredible facts: Annual wine sales have now approached $1 billion—one of the largest in North America Only stock about 4,000 items, compared to nearly 40,000 in an average grocery store Can still buy a hot dog and soda for $1.50 … still the same ...

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Stretching the Truth standard

– Gary Wolfson, Chief Creative Officer I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among small agencies’ websites these days.  It’s the male equivalent of stuffing a sock down your pants.  Or to be even more politically incorrect, it’s like a woman who has added some “wonder” to her bra. What I’m talking about is the practice of listing accounts you and your partners have worked on at other agencies as if they were part of your current client list. It’s creative embellishment—pretending to be bigger and more attractive than you really are.  But let’s call it what it really is.  It’s false advertising.  It’s lying about your agency’s resume and reputation. Are we not the same people who preach “integrity” to our ...

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