May 15, 2012 smz-blog

Go ahead, spoil me. It’ll make you happy.


– Webster Michelson, Agency Pooch (as dictated to Ann McGee, SVP/General Manager)

It’s estimated that Americans will spend $52.87 billion on pet products and services in 2012.  That’s billion with a “b” as in “bone” or “biscuit.”  In order of highest expenditure:

Food (my personal favorite)

Supplies/OTC meds

Vet care (my least favorite)

Animal adoptions

Pet services – grooming and boarding

What makes pets worthy?  Studies show that making us happy makes you happy.  We pets are not as complicated as humans.  It’s pretty easy for you to make us happy.  A good meal, a walk in any weather, a little play time, a warm lap or spot next to you.

Like canines, humans are pack animals, pack animals with disposable incomes that have proven recession proof when it comes to their pets.  In a recent article in Michigan Food News, Fiona O’Donnell, senior analyst at Mintel remarked that innovations in the pet industry are mirroring innovations in human markets.  “Functional foods that have a great taste and also provide health benefits have hit a chord with Americans in the past several years, so it only makes sense that owners would want the same fare for their pets.”  According to the Mintel Global New Product Database, pet food that offers a “functional” claim has increased by 130% from 2006 to 2010.

When you consider all that pets provide, we’re really quite priceless.  I come to the office nearly every day and attend meetings as my SMZ coworkers listen intently to client marketing challenges.   Then I nap.  I provide companionship and moral support as my coworkers think.  Then I nap.  I often provide comic relief as they do, do, do.  Then I nap. (Occasionally I do-do as well.)  I do all this at pro-bone rates.

So go ahead, feel free to pet me or bring me a bone the next time you stop by SMZ to present your most pressing marketing challenge.  It’ll make both of us happy.

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