May 7, 2012 smz-blog

Stretching the Truth


– Gary Wolfson, Chief Creative Officer

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among small agencies’ websites these days.  It’s the male equivalent of stuffing a sock down your pants.  Or to be even more politically incorrect, it’s like a woman who has added some “wonder” to her bra.

What I’m talking about is the practice of listing accounts you and your partners have worked on at other agencies as if they were part of your current client list.

It’s creative embellishment—pretending to be bigger and more attractive than you really are.  But let’s call it what it really is.  It’s false advertising.  It’s lying about your agency’s resume and reputation.

Are we not the same people who preach “integrity” to our clients and their brands?  Yet many of us have no qualms about stretching the truth when it comes to our own self-interest.

I think it’s fair in bios of key personel to describe the accounts they’ve worked on and their individual experience.  But for an agency to be overtly blatant with a sleight of hand to make it appear as though they currently work on these businesses is just plain deceptive.

Not a good way to start an honest dialogue with a potential new client.

So clients looking at potential small agency websites, make sure to do your due diligence and check out their well-padded claims.

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  1. Jay Everett

    I totally agree with you, Gary And you’ll find no sock in my underpants!

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