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Work less. Get more done.

I know, I know. Sometimes in this business, we have to put in marathon days and nights to meet a deadline or prepare for a pitch. Weekends included. I’ve always felt for the rest of the time, I do a pretty good job of getting my work done in the hours allotted and shutting it down when I walk out the doors. But not everyone can shift gears as easily.

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” — William Penn

This great article features some tips on how to balance working efficiently, getting more done and keeping your weekends for yourself. Here’s my mini version:


Remove yourself electronically from Friday eve through Monday morn. If that’s not realistic, schedule specific times to check your messages.

Minimize chores.

Don’t spend the entire weekend doing work around the house. Just like anything else, schedule them. So what if you don’t get done and you have to finish them next weekend?


Not only does moving help relieve stress, it’s great for creativity. Exercise is important in more ways than just being good for your physical body.


There are larger forces in our lives. Make time to think about them.

Pursue a passion.

Indulge and do what you love. It’s a great escape.

Spend time with friends and family.

Quality time with those you care about the most is essential to recharging and relaxing.

Go on mini adventures.

See a play, go to a new hotel, visit a great park, buy concert tickets. It’s good to have something to anticipate and it’s a wonderful mood booster.

Wake up at the same time.

Don’t disturb your circadian rhythm by sleeping in. Instead, go to bed earlier if you need more rest.

Make morning “me” time.

Your mind peaks two to four hours after you rise, so do something physical early and then something mental for better results and focus.

Prepare for the week ahead.

Spend a few weekend minutes planning for your upcoming work week. When you have a plan, things are more manageable.

Good advice. What do you do so you can work less and still get it all done in this crazy business?

Trish Cowan/Senior Copywriter

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