April 18, 2013 smz-blog

Two mighty, unforgettable words: thank you

Thanks you

By Trish Cowan, copy writer

We interview prospective interns pretty regularly. And most—though not all—understand the significance of this simple but important action: sending a thank you.

Be it delivered via old-fashioned snail mail or as an email, everyone likes to know they’re appreciated. And that begins with two words: thank you. Especially after an interview.

It’s a great business strategy too. Studies show saying thank you actually gets people to spend more money and tell their friends about you, your services and products. And that of course, increases your profits. It’s also something employees like to hear, increasing their productivity and it prompts vendors to go the extra mile.

Even simple gifts for a business connection when say, they have a grandchild or experience a death in the family, go a long ways. It forges a connection and lets them know you treasure that relationship.

I forwarded the following articles to my college-age son, who recently applied for a job at the local GameStop. If he gets an interview, I sure hope he takes this small action to heart. Because as he starts entering the business world, I want him to make an impression. The right one.




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  1. natashagaiski

    Very important to say “thank you” even if it is in the digital space.

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