December 20, 2013 smz-blog

Listen and learn about your own brand.


There’s a difference between listening and actually hearing what someone really thinks about you. Truth is, the people who are most important to us are sometimes those whose opinions we blithely dismiss. Personally, not a great approach. Professionally? Equally as disastrous.

Do you know how those who matter most to your success perceive your company? It may be very different than the brand essence or corporate personality you believe you’ve built or earned. Are the messages your company is sending via all those audience touch points you employ motivating … inspiring … engaging?

If they’re not, maybe it’s time to ask and really listen to those you seek to influence.  Every organization needs to conduct a self-exploration exercise occasionally, to discover and fully understand the inspirational space where what you’re selling and what your public is buying intersect. Once you enter that zone of understanding, magic can happen so that engagement and action are natural outcomes not forced marketing behaviors.

Listen first and find more.

Rich Williams, SVP/Strategic Business Development

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