Interrogation or Interview

July 6, 2016
July 6, 2016 smz-blog

Interrogation or Interview

I have a lengthy list of interview questions saved in Evernote. This list has grown over the years based on suggestions from others, including frequently from interviewees. That’s because one of the questions I ask is, “Tell me the most challenging or strange interview question you’ve ever received?”

I’ve catalogued some doozies such as, “What makes you howl at the moon?” “What’s the most controversial belief you hold?” And a fun twist, “Where do you see yourself in ten minutes?”

I want SMZ job candidates to be relaxed, but I can’t divulge the entire list or else through digital digging some might arrive too prepared and too relaxed.

What I have learned is to be careful with the questions. Recently I have been interviewing high school students as part of the University of Pennsylvania admissions process. (A smart way for the University to keep alumni engaged.) I was innocently talking to a fellow alumnus who told me about a student who had been interviewed through this program. He said to me, “Can you believe it, some crazy interviewer asked this high-school senior what would your autobiography be entitled?”

I could believe it as that crazy interviewer was me. Generally the question has been well-received and I’ve witnessed students articulate intelligent and enlightening responses.

I haven’t written an autobiography. Just these irritating missives every few weeks. But please share any intriguing interview questions you ask or have been asked and I will gladly add them to the list.

Jamie Michelson, President/CEO

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