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SMZ Advertising expands its recreation practice area with General RV Center image

Troy, MI – SMZ President and CEO Jamie Michelson announced that the agency was selected by General RV Center, headquartered in Wixom and with locations throughout Michigan and in four other states as its media agency.  According to Michelson, “Recreation and entertainment are one of SMZ’s core practice areas which makes General RV an excellent fit for mutual future growth. And like SMZ, General RV is a family owned and operated business.” “Our goal is to grow our business and our industry, because we’re passionate about helping people experience the RV lifestyle, and we’ve found a partner that will help us achieve that goal,” said Loren Baidas, General RV’s president. “We look forward to working with SMZ and our marketing ...

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Orange is the new orange image

Ah, it’s that time of year again … construction season. Lanes begin to change, roads fill with orange barrels and commutes seem longer than before. Nearly everywhere you go, you see another sign that reads “construction ahead.” This time of year can be a nuisance, an orange-barrel-filled, lane-shifting inconvenience. During the off-season, we can’t wait for potholes to be filled or crumbling roads to be repaved. However when it comes down to it, we don’t want to deal with the inevitable construction it takes to have better roads. Curious, isn’t it? We dread construction season even though it’s exactly what we wish for. The building or rebuilding period can be a time of impatience and frustration. Even though the end ...

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Organizing your organization image

The Container Store opened its first Michigan location in Novi on June 4, 2016. Across the street from 12 Oaks Mall, The Container Store stocks every basket, bin and bookend imaginable — it’s an organized person’s paradise. I decided to visit during opening weekend to see what the store is all about. The store itself is organized into areas dedicated to different organizational needs. There are sections dedicated to organizing closets, offices, bathrooms, laundry rooms and more. The closet section was staged to look as though I were looking at my own closet (in a world where it has any sort of an organizational system.) The store was buzzing with activity. Cashiers could be heard cheering as purchases were made ...

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Interrogation or Interview image

I have a lengthy list of interview questions saved in Evernote. This list has grown over the years based on suggestions from others, including frequently from interviewees. That’s because one of the questions I ask is, “Tell me the most challenging or strange interview question you’ve ever received?” I’ve catalogued some doozies such as, “What makes you howl at the moon?” “What’s the most controversial belief you hold?” And a fun twist, “Where do you see yourself in ten minutes?” I want SMZ job candidates to be relaxed, but I can’t divulge the entire list or else through digital digging some might arrive too prepared and too relaxed. What I have learned is to be careful with the questions. Recently I ...

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