March 18, 2016 smz-blog

11 Fabulous Things About Working at an Ad Agency

1) You work with really smart, talented, funny people.

2) You get to see your work “on stage.” It’s just plain fun to be driving down I-75 and see your outdoor board in lights or be putzing around your house when your TV spot comes on or your digital ad pops up on your iPad.

3) If you’re motivated enough, you’ll never be bored a single day or even hour.

4) You know what it’s like to live, “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.” There are a lot of ups and downs in this biz. But you can’t wait to live another day.

5) Any age is a good age. When you’re young you’re full of excitement, vim and vigor. When you’re seasoned you’re still excited but you’re also wise, experienced and can remain calm under the most extreme pressure.

6) The nature of the business puts you on the cutting edge of know-how in tech and trends in countless areas. You’re encouraged to always think about what’s next.

7) You’ll make countless lifelong friends and yep, some of them will be clients and sales reps!

8) People expect you to wear jeans, at least the colored ones, a lot.

9) It’s always fun to answer the questions, “what do you do and where do you work?”

10) If you work at a mid-size shop like SMZ, you’ll get to work on multiple brands, all of which have their own unique opportunities.

11) It’s not easy but few things worth working for are. Besides, Friday always comes! (Even if you have to work on Sunday.)

Do you have a #12?

Ann McGee
SMZ/SVP & General Manager

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