July 15, 2015 smz-blog

What’s your ice breaker?


In this business, you’re constantly meeting new people: networking, emailing, having conversations. But how do you put them at ease? How do you make them comfortable talking, making them feel welcome?

Studies and good sense say it’s the things you do before you speak that help put a person into a comfort zone. Things like smiling, having good eye contact, simple politeness. Nodding your head, showing you’re engaged and interested. Notice it’s interested rather than interesting.

Interestingly, SMZ cofounder Larry Michelson found a way to put people at ease that still works today: candy. He always had a bowl of M&Ms on his desk. They were his ice breaker, his way to connect and make people feel comfortable coming to him with their businesses challenges. A way to help people like and trust him.

A delicious and traditional tactic SMZ continues to use today (and yes, now it’s a super-sized candy dish).

So yes, expect M&Ms when you come to our office to get to know us. We’ll start the conversation with chocolate. You can also expect to find us very interested in your business. Ready to listen, think and do.

We have hand wipes as well.

Trish Cowan, Senior Copywriter


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