SMZers outside of SMZ … Staying in step

July 22, 2015
July 22, 2015 smz-blog

SMZers outside of SMZ … Staying in step

Every now and then, we like to tell you something about one of us …

Senior VP/Director of Print Services Kathleen Finley spends her days at SMZ working with print vendors and resident art directors, stepping her way through sizes, colors, press checks and more. Her name makes her heritage apparent, so it’s no wonder, yea, accomplished in Irish dance is she.

There are three types …

Irish set: fast paced and energetic, often called country sets, it resembles American square dancing though it does not require a caller. It’s also called Irish House Dancing, since it originated in the homes of Irish country folk. Sets are danced to jigs, polkas and reels.

Step: Riverdance is a prime example of Irish step dancing and what most people think of when they hear “Irish dancing.” Extremely energetic and high spirited, dancers wear intricate costumes. Step is fun to watch and harder to do, so that explains why it’s mostly performed by youth.

Ceili: pronounced kay-lee, this is a traditional Irish gathering for fun, fellowship, and laughs (or craic as the Irish might say). Dances are easy to learn and suitable to all ages.

Kathleen has been dancing for many years, following a tradition her father, whose parents emigrated from Ireland, participated in as a boy. She’s done all three styles, and dances twice a week at the The Gaelic League/Irish American Club of Detroit, where she’s also a board member.

That certainly explains why she can keep up with all the intricacies that come with print production.

Trish Cowan, Senior Copywriter




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