July 23, 2014 smz-blog

SMZ welcomes creative interns, Kelsey and Rick

Creative Interns - Rick & Kelsey

Creative interns are so fun. When asked for a few details about themselves, this is what you get:

Kelsey Sedlmeyer 

  • Graduated from Michigan State with a degree in Creative Advertising and a Specialization in Design
  • Part-time beach bum
  • Netflix connoisseur
  • Beer. Just beer.

Rick Castano

  • Graduated Wayne State 2013, Magna Cum Laude (ooh, fancy!)
  • Got noticed by SMZ with email headline to the creative director: “Writer seeks agency for long walks on the beach, crafting awesome copy”
  • Makes some pretty mean BBQ
  • Owns a wide range of awesome T-shirts

Welcome Kelsey and Rick!

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