You need not be a brilliant brainiac to enjoy brainstorming

January 16, 2017
January 16, 2017 smz-blog

You need not be a brilliant brainiac to enjoy brainstorming

Our SMZ process is “Listen. Think. Do.”  No need to come up with the perfect idea instantly, it’s important to listen first. We listen to our clients and consumers. We listen to research. We listen to category experts, we listen to data and we listen to each other.

Then we think about all we’ve heard. We think about it strategically and realistically, looking for insights, comparing trends and exploring different perspectives and solutions.

Part of the “Think” portion of our process includes brainstorming by individuals, in groups, department- wide or as a whole team.  We use fun exercises. We play well with others. No one’s title matters in these brainstorming sessions and crazy ideas are encouraged.  All ideas can be filtered later. Wacky ideas can lead to something fabulous.

All that brainstorming makes the “Do” part of our process, when we create likeable ideas for inspiring clients, flow more easily and strategically.  And since any meeting worth attending is worth preparing for, we always recommend coming to brainstorming sessions armed with a few thought starters, a match or two for the kindling without too much concern that it’s THE idea.

Maybe your new product needs a look or name.  Maybe your website needs a custom landing page or short video to feature a lucrative service.  Perhaps there is a new target to consider. Whatever the challenge, let’s brainstorm the heck out of it.  After all, there are a number of ways to peel an orange. (We’re animal lovers at SMZ thus we prefer the orange analogy vs. the ways to skin a cat version.)

And please share your favorite brainstorming tip in our comments section. Together, we can start a fire.

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Ann McGee, SVP/GM

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