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The Finish Line Always Moves image

For nearly 25 years I’ve been entering runs of various distances. Now I’m trying bike riding and swimming, too. Sometimes I enter an event with a plan just to finish. Sometimes without any plan. Often, I’m bitten by the bug and it becomes about racing: trying to shave off precious seconds to cross the finish line faster. I know where that line is and I work, grind, flow, sweat – whatever to get there. Recently I’ve been contemplating how different that is from work. Sure, at work we have deadlines. But in our careers and job function, the actual finish line keeps moving. Not in a way where you see someone inching the line ahead in a teasing manner. But simply where ...

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Move Slowly and Don’t Break Anything image

Many in our industry (and all things tech) toss around the phrase “Move fast and break things.” And treat it like a new concept. But how new is the idea? Does it mean we’ve forgotten Evel Knievel? You remember: that crazy guy who rode a motorcycle fast and jumped over cars, buses, Pepsi trucks and the fountains at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. He even piloted a rocket-powered cycle over Idaho’s Snake River Canyon. As a result of his career exploits, Knievel became famous for his crashes and was recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records as surviving the most broken bones in a lifetime. Now what in white jumpsuits does this have to do with business today? I’d ...

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