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Alec Schlitt is a recent graduate from Grand Valley State University with a degree in marketing. He enjoys photography and investing in his own creativity. He is excited to share his passion and creativity, to learn, grow and be part of the SMZ team. Krystal Robinson recently graduated from the Mike Illitch School of Business at Wayne State University. During her time there she was involved in the WSU Chapter of the American Advertising Federation, of which she was the president. She enjoys dancing and going to Cedar Point when she is not working. Daman Nallamothu will begin his junior year at Michigan State University in the fall. His major is advertising: management and media. In addition to his studies, ...

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She always talks back. image

I remember a teacher in 10th grade who used to reprimand the student next to me, “don’t talk back.” Of course, then he talked back. I wonder did that guy (who always wore his varsity letter jacket regardless of the temperature) go on to help invent Siri or Alexa? Anyhow, we welcomed Alexa into our home recently. Say her name correctly and she always talks back. I’m fascinated with how far the voice recognition ability of iOt has come. My car has what was state-of-the-art nav seven years ago. Today that car turns my saying “Grand Rapids” into something unrecognizable. On my iPhone I purposely mispronounce my sister’s names to get Siri to call the right number. Alexa worked perfectly ...

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It’s Important to Daydream – and other advertising career advice from SMZ Associate Creative Director Victor Spieles image

What did you want to be when you grew up? “World’s Ace Partyer” or “Helicopter Pilot” according to a paragraph I wrote in the sixth grade. (And yes “Partyer” is how I spelled it. It was circled and called out by the teacher.) In high school I wanted to have a syndicated comic strip like “The Far Side,” or “Calvin and Hobbes.” In college I wanted to be an animator on Disney Films or TV cartoons, but I learned it’s really tough business. Not for those looking for steady, long-term employment. So instead I studied illustration, advertising and graphic design. What’s a typical day like for you—what takes up big chunks of your time? There is no typical day in ...

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