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Our mantra, mission and approach to marketing at SMZ, on the surface, is pretty simple: Listen. Think. Do.  It’s instinctual, a part of our DNA but like many daily practices it’s something we need to remind ourselves to adhere to regularly. Of those three important steps in our process, listening is arguably the most important.  It’s the first communication skill we engage in from the moment we’re born. And yet, somehow, in the rush to speak and have our opinions heard, listening often gets lost and its importance minimized or worse, forgotten.  We tend to assume that listening and hearing are virtually the same when in fact they are two distinct functions.  Hearing is something we do instinctively.  Listening, on ...

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The State of Michigan has awarded the marketing and advertising services Contract for the Michigan Lottery to SMZ, following an extensive competitive bidding process.  Based in Troy, MI, SMZ will be responsible for helping the Lottery develop and implement its retail and brand strategy, creative and production, media planning and placement for retail and online games marketing efforts. SMZ will continue to work with the Lottery to promote its entire portfolio, including draw, daily, instant, club and the new online games.  Michigan is one of just three lotteries in the United States to offer digital versions of lottery games online. “The Michigan Lottery is one of the most progressive lotteries in the country,” said SMZ Executive Vice President Pam Renusch.  ...

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It takes time to become timeless: long-running ad campaigns image

“Timeless” covers many subjects. There is timeless fashion: think pencil skirts and penny loafers. There are timeless home furnishings: monogrammed towels and Adirondack chairs. There are timeless lessons: experience is the best teacher and always be kind. There are also timeless ad campaigns. Beyond just a theme line, these are ideas we all can recite and bring instant brand recognition. Like … “Just do it”: Nike, 1988 “Gimme a break”: Kit Kat, 1986 “Got milk?”: California Milk Processors, 1993 “Mayhem”: Allstate, 2010 “When it rains, it pours”: Morton Salt, 1914 Their executions aren’t all the same. That’s what keeps them fresh. But the brand promise remains consistent. Come to find out, consumers like that consistency. It’s often marketers who think ...

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How to Land That Coveted Advertising Internship image

Lately, the only tips people share are how to catch Pokémon. So here are some helpful hints on something that I wish I received when I was just starting college: Tips to getting an internship at an advertising agency. Get involved Just about every recruiter will say that they look for students who are involved with on- and off-campus activities related to the field. There is a club or student organization for just about everything and if there isn’t one that you’re looking for then start one! If there seems to be a lack of interest at your school you can join a club or organization at a different school. Even if you don’t attend the school it is still ...

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Membership Organization Insights from an MSU Alum image

Like any major fundraising effort, gleaning dollars from college graduates is an arduous and important initiative for their alumni schools.  Higher learning has become a very competitive field and appealing to the younger generations of alumni is more important than ever. Michigan State University had its most successful fundraising year ever when it raised a record $272 million in 2015-16. “This year, by hosting campaign events in major cities around the country, we brought MSU’s story directly to donors, alumni and friends who are passionate about helping to shape it,” said Bob Groves, vice president for university advancement. Another MSU event, Grandparents University, is hosted on its own campus. Many alumni participants travel from several states away to attend with ...

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