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I’ve been at SMZ for exactly a month now, and while an intern’s two cents may be valued around the range of a half-penny, the opportunity was given and I felt obliged to take it. I graduated from college with a degree in English and no real desire to teach. I thought that graduate school was the only viable option, and one that would give me more time to figure out a career path. But after applying to schools, and taking a creative writing class, I came to the conclusion that advertising could be a more than viable option. When I was studying, the idea never crossed my mind except when it was immediately pushed back out by the thought ...

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What’s in a promise? The Under/Over Debate standard

Some people say we should under promise and over deliver, because when we make and keep promises, we not only meet and exceed expectations, we show how trustworthy we are. On the opposite end, broken promises are a breach of trust that can “cause us to want to punish and seek revenge on the promise breaker.” Not exactly a fun day at the office. But whether it’s a good idea to consistently under promise by telling coworkers or clients a due date only to deliver it ahead of time, is a matter of contention. Under promising, and then over delivering sounds like a win-win situation. There isn’t the pressure of a lofty proposal that’s nearly impossible to meet, and it’s ...

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