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Selfie Branding, Advice for My Peers standard

Take one look at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine and it’s clear that we are living in the age of the “selfie.” Because we’ve gotten to the point where taking a picture of yourself is so common, it needs its own term. Yes, the selfie has many variations from the classical bathroom mirror shot to the duck face and peace sign. But in a time when social media is everywhere and anyone can easily access every detail of your life via the internet, companies aren’t the only ones who need to think about branding. Remember when you went to an interview and the only thing your prospective employer knew about you beforehand was the sound of your voice? Well, those ...

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Top 12 interviewing do’s standard

Everyone has an interview horror story. Some of us have them from both sides of the table, as both interviewer and interviewee. Interviewing tips were part of the recent AdCon, an Adcraft event for college and university students considering the field of advertising. That’s in addition to breakout sessions highlighting the various positions, resume critiques and portfolio tips. But this list of do’s that was shared with the students really caught my attention. Do: Be on time. Dress professionally (keep cologne/perfume use to a minimum). Turn off your cell phone! Show up prepared. Bring several copies of your resume. Know specifically what type of job you want to get into. Speak respectfully of previous employers/managers. Be open to answering questions ...

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