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What can your phone do for you? standard

You hear about them almost anytime mobile activation advertising is mentioned: QR codes. But what has developed into an easy to use and effective way for small businesses to take advantage of the smart phone society—turning personal business cards and newsletter print ads into website traffic guides—the QR code has also become a sign of being “behind the ball” for big brand advertising. As the capabilities of the smartphone change with each newly developed app and phone upgrade, advertisers are constantly thinking about how to engage their audiences in ways that match the ever-changing mobile audience. Shazam, a mobile app available for iPhone and Android users, works to recognize hard-to-name songs by listening to any song playing on the radio, ...

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The new era of TV standard

Perhaps DVR services spawned this phenomenon when they allowed users to record several episodes of the same show, sit down and catch upon all of them at once. It allows themes, characters, and ideas to be digested more easily. Shows that aired in the past on broadcast TV and now exist on Netflix have completely new audiences and fan bases. Sometimes these newfound audiences even bring shows back from the grave. For example, “Dead Like Me” was a hit, way after it was aired, because every single episode was available on Netflix. The show had been cancelled, but with the push from passionate Netflixians, they created a movie for closure. “Arrested Development” has a similar story. The show was cancelled, but gained ...

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