SimonsMichelsonLogoThrough the years. Lots of them.

Not many companies have been around since 1929.  Especially one that started at the onset of the Great Depression. With limited funding. And without clients.

But when you’re determined, you find a way.

Simons-Michelson Company did it by attracting clients who believed in the way we work:
by maintaining long-lasting client relationships through hard work, caffeine, adrenaline, attentive client service and innovative ideas.

Today we’re known as SMZ. Privately held, independent and with our second-and third-generation family members the only shareholders.  The freedom that comes with that independence is the core of our culture.

We’re proud of our history and the continuity that’s come with it. It’s taught us to challenge the status quo and be meaningfully different.  And make every client’s brand stand out from the complex or conventional.

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