July 8, 2014 smz-blog

Why 4th of July is hands down our best holiday

4th of July

Okay, I admit to having a really enjoyable holiday weekend and the afterglow still lingers a bit but I’m thoroughly convinced the 4th of July epitomizes what a holiday should be and here’s why:

  • We’re all in since there’s really no religious or political affiliation so nobody gets awkwardly excluded.
  • Wine and martini drinkers revert back to beer if only for this one solitary day.
  • Everyone becomes a kid again. Whether it’s the wearing of goofy-looking star spangled clothing, jumping onto a slip ‘n’ slide with a bad back or grown-ups playing with fire, admit it, this holiday puts all of us in a childish, carefree mood.
  • It has the all-important traditional feasting that every grand holiday requires but in this case it’s usually seared over an open flame and (here it comes ladies): it is almost exclusively cooked by men!
  • Parades that any of us can relate to with local fire engines, home-decorated pets, whatever little league team can pile into the bed of a pickup and a maybe a high school band for good measure.
  • It’s summer so we can all act like we live in California and beach it up.
  • And the real proof this holiday rules comes when blatant marketers can add even more fun by creatively leveraging the holiday like Lowe’s did: https://twitter.com/Lowes/statuses/352498739845398528

Rich Williams, SVP/Strategic Business Development

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