January 31, 2013 smz-blog

Who is most likely to click on your online ad in 2013?

Couple using ipad

– Ann McGee, SVP/General Manager

When it comes to online consumption and the latest Apple invention, everyone has a different usage and skill level and it doesn’t always depend on age. Here are some real quotes from the well respected and much loved parents of SMZers:

“I check my email about every two weeks. That joke you sent me back in November was funny.”
—Larry, 73

“I got in another fight with your cousin about politics on Facebook yesterday”
—Linda, 73

“I love the iPad you gave me. I use it mainly to play solitaire”
—Marcia, 56

“We’re off to another iPad class. Our third this week.”
—Bob and Clair, 73

“I don’t have time to get on Facebook. But give me all the dirt on the family you’ve read.”
—Denise, 53

According to a survey by Evercare, a nationwide health plan provider, some centenarians are using email, Googling long-lost acquaintances, utilizing Facebook and even patronizing online dating sites. Proof that it’s not all about age.

What’s this mean for online advertisers? You may be surprised to learn that according to a Baruch College-Harris Poll commissioned by Business Week Magazine, the 50-plus age group is most likely to buy online—a very important media mix consideration. Not only do baby boomers spend more time online, they’re more likely to interact with online ads. According to Crowd Science, consumers age 55 and older are more likely to click on online ads. A 2011 study found 76 percent of respondents age 55+ had clicked on an online ad during the preceding six months, compared to just 58 percent of 15-24 year olds. 2012 Nielson research revealed a similar age trend for Pinterest use with 31% of users 50+.

When it comes to your brand’s online media mix, always consider utilization, not just age, and plan accordingly.

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