March 14, 2013 smz-blog

Trust In Advertising


By Kelly Councilor, senior copywriter

 Is TRUTH easier to find in advertising these days than TRUST?  With the average client-agency tenure thought to be now at less than four years, agency-client falling out stories regularly circulating in the media, and consumer criticisms and critiques of ideas at an all-time high thanks to social media, it would seem the case.

Yet trust between an agency and a client is absolutely crucial to a brand’s success.  And in an industry where it is commonly believed that “good work” is work that makes clients a little bit nervous, it’s little wonder trust is hard to come by and oh so easy to lose. So as a peddler of provocative ideas how does one gain trust?  

Possibly like this:

Respect each other: Treat each other as professionals. Respect each other’s experience, perspective, and ideas.

Be honest with each other: Simple, clear, and constructive criticism from clients and agency folks alike strengthens rather than weakens ideas. So don’t be afraid to speak up or speak out especially in the best interest of the brand.

Share with each other: Information and insights should flow freely. Cross-pollinate updates and facts that will help us all succeed.

Share a passion for the brand: When clients love their brands they instill that love in their agencies. And when agencies are passionate about a brand, they do their best work.

When you do these things, you have trust. And as a result, a great relationship, and one that lasts.

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