Trust Building by Brands Helps Customers Stay Loyal

January 3, 2017
January 3, 2017 smz-blog

Trust Building by Brands Helps Customers Stay Loyal

Trust comes into play in a lot of different ways in our day-to-day lives. We trust our friends and family to be there for us when we need a helping hand. We trust our alarm clocks to go off each morning (whether we like it or not) and we trust that our cups of coffee will give us the energy to tackle the day.

Trust helps us build relationships, too. With the people we encounter throughout life and with brands. And just as some people are more trustworthy than others, so are certain brands.

There are several brands I’m loyal to: Tropicana Orange Juice, Kate Spade and Dove Chocolate to name a few.  I’m loyal to them because they are consistent, honest and connected to consumers. They’ve earned my trust.

This relationship, however, must be built on reciprocity, not just transactions. As we stay loyal to brands they should stay loyal to us.

Brands can do this through consistency in messaging and products, by being honest and open with their consumers and by valuing the business they receive.

An article from Ad Age titled “The Problem with Loyalty Programs” states that:

“We are loyal to the companies and retailers who show us they understand us through the products they offer and the customer experiences they create. Empathy, intuition, emotional benefits, shared values … these are the attributes of strong and durable relationships, and the very same qualities that ultimately drive meaningful and lasting shopper loyalty.”

A brand isn’t just a reputation; it’s a relationship with consumers that can foster loyalty by continuously building upon a trust-filled relationship.

That’s the same kind of relationship SMZ strives to create with our clients while helping them build trusted brands.

What brands do you trust?

Michelle Hoskins, New Business Coordinator

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