March 25, 2014 smz-blog

“The Truth Well Told.”

McCann’s iconic definition of great advertising could easily apply today to great content.

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It’s no surprise that a majority of CMOs believe the future of marketing is content. Social media has helped condition consumers into getting comfy, having conversations with companies.  As a result, many corporations now view themselves as publishers.  One dominant characteristic among the most successful of these companies is their ability to craft content. Unlike their “make the logo larger” competitors, these brands aren’t simply spewing information to the public, they’re creating compelling stories that connect and matter to us as individuals.

And, when it comes to packaging great content, storytelling is all the rage.  Stories have the power to move people to action providing they’re good, they’re engaging and most of all, authentic. Authenticity and emotion are vital touch points for creating an engaging story. All of us are moved by emotion so, “make me care” is an essential commandment for building a great story.

None of this is new to the marketing playbook.  Guinness pioneered the “story is brand” approach with their world record books as did Michelin with their tourism guides decades ago.  Thanks to social media, it’s just much easier and more effective for more stories to be told.  Take a look at this recent Equinox ad called Maddie that never actually ran on TV. It was a studio submission, part of a creative shoot-out Chevy conducted for their Oscar night ad splash.  This spot wasn’t selected but did get posted on YouTube where it became an overnight viral hit, catapulted by its heavy dose of emotional storytelling. Judge for yourself whether they’re selling or storytelling (or both)

Every business of any size has the ability to unearth and tell their stories.  These days, good marketing tells a story, great marketing is the story.

What’s your story?

Rich Williams, SVP/Strategic Business Development

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