The Ghost Light: A Message of Hope

June 18, 2020

The Ghost Light: A Message of Hope

The show must go on: a phrase synonymous with Broadway.

And through wars and recessions the curtains continued to rise and the performers never missed a beat.

But when the coronavirus pandemic hit, Broadway and touring theatres had to “go dark”.  The lights might have gone down, but one light still stands strong.  A single light that for centuries has illuminated the stage when a theatre is not in use. It’s called the Ghost Light, and legend has it, the light protects a theatre against spirits and ghosts seeking to cause mischief and bring bad luck to actors and patrons.

Today, these lights shine for a greater purpose. They bring us hope. And reassurance. That when this long intermission finally ends, the curtains will rise again.

It was important for Broadway in Detroit to let their patrons know that their doors will open again, and so will all of the amazing theatres in our region. We thought the best way to convey this was to produce a powerful video with a message of hope and community. We truly appreciate all of the theatres sharing their ghost lights and a special thank you to Jeff Daniels for lending his voice, time and incredible talent.

– Debbie Michelson, EVP/Group Account Director