The Best Seven-Hour Creative Meeting I’ve Ever Seen

March 14, 2022
March 14, 2022 Jamie Michelson

The Best Seven-Hour Creative Meeting I’ve Ever Seen

My wife and I watched the entire Beatles Get Back documentary on Disney+ over two days. Our two-word review: Loved it!

What a gift to watch some of the most talented people in music history create new work from scratch while dealing with real personal and business issues – unfiltered and right in front of us.

The lessons that apply 50 years later:

  • You can’t just jump right to the business at hand. A small icebreaker (often a Motown cover!) gets minds ready.
  • It’s not just a 2021 “resignation” thing. Anyone can walk at a moment’s notice. Team members need to feel valued and listened
    to whether they are Harry Georgeson or George Harrison.
  • Coffee & bagels, tea & toast: those rituals matter. Particularly when wine starts flowing in the afternoon.
  • A small group can do mighty things, especially when they build off each other’s ideas.Nothing motivates like a deadline.
  • Look back at those scribbles in an old notebook because there just might be something there.
  • We love to tell our clients it’s an iterative process. It absolutely is!
  • If your work is good enough to shout from the rooftops, you just might draw a crowd and make history.

Let’s GET BACK to work.