January 26, 2015 smz-blog

SMZers outside of SMZ … A champion among us

Every now and then, we thought we’d tell you something about one of us …

Sue in accounting is the proud owner of three Australian shepherds, a breed that excels in herding, agility and obedience: 12-year-old Kira, 7½-year-old Mac and 2½-year-old Bode, who is now a champion!

bode 4

Bode competes in dog shows for confirmation, agility, obedience and Rally. Rally is a type of obedience where the handler uses hand signals, commands and/or rewards to encourage the dog to complete a course.

To be a champion, Bode had to win three majors (going up against dogs his own breed in different events) and earn 15 total points at Australian Shepherd Club of America events. Soon he’ll be taking part in a new challenge: herding sheep in competition.

As you can see, he’s a well-decorated fellow (and handsome). Sue gives credit to her friend Kathy, Bode’s handler. I’m thinking Sue deserves plenty of credit herself, since she’s the one keeping his dog dish full—and keeping him happy.

bode 1

At SMZ, we do love our dogs and other furry friends. They make our lives that much richer.


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