October 9, 2014 smz-blog

SMZ is moving, moving, moving

Vic and Trish move.cropped

SMZ is about a week away from the move to our new digs on the south side of Big Beaver. Now, we’ve been in this space some 27 years and I know some people are attached to 900 Wilshire. The convenient café in the building. The generous parking. Even me. I do love my office so close to the printer.

But change is inevitable. And everyone reacts so differently (my theory: reluctance to change is directly proportional with how much stuff you’ve accumulated). So I found some tips about how to make moving easier …

Give yourself time.

SMZers have known we’d be moving for about a year—known the actual location for months. And though I’m not in charge of hiring the trucks or choosing paint, it’s nice to know when and where ahead of time.

Get organized. 

Lists, lists and more lists—and committees. The open house committee. PR committee. The make-sure-the-Internet-works committee—that’s an important one.

Clear out the clutter.

Resident genius Victor (clean-up committee) implemented Throw It Out Thursdays: an hour set aside each week to purge. Recycling bins provided. It actually seems to be working. Countdown: two more Thursdays.

Ask for help.

Sam and Rick are on the top of that list. Anyone need a metal filing cabinet? How about one moved?

Go with the flow.

Things have gone pretty smooth so far, but Murphy’s Law is bound to pop up at some point. And I know I’ll be ready.

I have a secret stash of garbage bags and duct tape.

Trish Cowan, Senior Copywriter


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