April 20, 2012 smz-blog

Sharing secrets


– Trish Cowan, Copywriter

Everyone’s different when it comes to sharing self-info. I, for one, am pretty tight-lipped. So I find Frank Warren and his blog/project www.postsecret.com especially intriguing.

He asks people to send him personal, decorated postcards and share their secrets anonymously. Over half a million people have shared and some of those secrets are pretty amazing. Amazingly funny. Amazingly sad. Insightful. And frightening.

It reminds me of how as a writer, I’m always looking for that truism, that nugget of honesty, that revelation that makes people think and nod. Or laugh. Tug at their heart. Or open their eyes. And how in this business, we use those same nuggets to help our clients and their businesses.

And it reminds me of how people’s lives and experiences are so unique. But the power of sharing is, well, just that: powerful. Because it connects us. Proves we’re not alone. So our darkest secrets and deepest fears don’t have to be endured alone. And now, you don’t have to give your name to do it.


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