Seven things to keep in mind as social media changes

January 15, 2020
January 15, 2020 smz-blog

Seven things to keep in mind as social media changes

This is it! We have shared the general tips of how to engage with social media as a business, and how to master writing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We hope you  have enjoyed these tips and have much success because of them. But, before we end this series we want to share with you how social media is evolving.

Keep these seven things in mind as you invest your time into developing your business’s social media strategy.

  1. Snapchat isn’t stopping

Snapchat has really blazed the trail for in-the-moment user experiences. Snapchat’s revolution of live content has spurred on more mobile-centric app developments and has made other social platforms step up. Snapchat is even looking to develop glasses to help users experience first-hand, live content.

  1. Twitter is suffering

Twitter was built for short and fast content. Trends are pushing for more information, more details, and more interesting content that comes out slower. People are looking to get all of the information in one sitting, then continuously learn more throughout the day. This trend is the source of Instagram’s continued success. Twitter may not die but it is in need of a major shift.

  1. Social attendance

When users are on social media they don’t always want to just read about an event, see pictures, or maybe a hype video. Users want to live the event through social media even if they can’t be there. This demand will require more real-time posting, 360 degree images and videos, and more content that puts viewers at the center of an event.

  1. The new place to do business

Social media is not just simply about communicating anymore. Social media is where some of the best business is happening. Platforms are now offering further means of customer service, increasingly more significant interactions between brands and customers, and in general more professional communication between brands and customers. Brands will seek to make social media a place to foster, shape, sustain and motivate relationships between a brand and customer like never before.

  1. Paid advertisements will continue to improve

Social media platforms are at the crossroads between being profitable and valuing users’ individuality and control of their feeds. Organic visibility has declined for businesses for some time now which has forced them into paid advertising. In order to remain profitable, social media platforms are coming up with more creative advertising options for businesses to use.

  1. Inspire your users

Social media has moved from practical to emotional and now to inspirational. Users want something substantial, beautiful and valuable with their experience on social media. A business posting beautiful images and sentiments will go a long way in connecting to the heart of users.

  1. Not every platform is for you

Instead of trying to be equally successful on all the major social platforms, brands will start to select one platform that works best for them. Once they do this, they will refine their strategy to make a more significant and lasting impression with social media users.

Thank you so much for tuning in these past five weeks on how to post on social media. We hope your business can take these tips and predictions into consideration and have a successful year engaging with your users. As you can see, social media is changing rapidly and has incredible potential. We would love to help with that! SMZ can help your business write and manage your social media platforms. Please reach out to us if you are interested in our help. Good luck!

Alec Schlitt, Account Coordinator