October 16, 2014 smz-blog

Our Patron Saint of Recycling

Susan Rae.cropped

It really is remarkable the mountains of paper, plastic and stuff that can accumulate over nearly three decades in the ad business.  For months now we’ve been purging proposals, scripts, samples, reels, cassettes; you name it, we’ve tossed it. Amidst all that tossing and dumping of paper, plastic and numerous other unknown substances, the world has been protected, no watched over by SMZ’s own guardian of green, Susan Rae Smith.

Susan’s been our conscious and moral compass when it comes to all things that can be put back into useful service to humanity and earth versus cluttering up already over-crowded landfills in or around metro Detroit.  It’s people like her who make it possible for discards to become resources and one person’s trash to serve a higher purpose than littering our already challenged environment.  In an election year and in a recovering economy, one resource that often gets shoved to the sidelines is our state’s natural, unspoiled beauty. It’s an asset that will continue to make Michigan not a recovery experiment but a destination of choice for tourism, businesses and investment.

It’s recycling saviors like Susan who help keep us on track and make all that high-minded, purposeful eco-friendly activity meaningful, even for an ad agency moving its office and shedding years of accumulated stuff in the process.

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