February 5, 2015 smz-blog

Online video: does quality really make a difference?

Steve Jobs

Now that all of us are desktop publishers, mobile phone photographers and iPad videographers, why in the world should we even consider doing anything but homemade marketing?   I mean anyone can upload to YouTube their latest grumpy, piano-playing cat, right?

With everyone possessing a device so capable of easing creative and production tasks, is it any wonder YouTube is the world’s largest online library?  Over 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute and their site constantly viewed by millions around the globe for better and for worse.  So does the quality of the production matter in this world of hyper-charged, over-stuffed, handheld video technology? Yes! It matters on visual, audio and content levels.  Skimp-out on site, sound or storytelling and you risk wasting more than you invested in posting the video.

Here’s why:

  • Think about it in these terms: does your website play an important enough role for your brand to warrant great visual and content quality? Certainly.
  • How about sales brochures: why not just print them off on copier paper, right? Not likely.
  • Videos are no exception: no matter how cheaply you think they can be done, sacrificing the basic tenets of good production and content creation can torpedo your brand.

Quality matters in everything you produce that is associated with your brand.  Taking short cuts, while they may feel financially attractive and momentarily fine, end up costing you money in the long run.

Your brand is everything.  Protect it.

With internet users increasingly viewing online videos (up 33% in the past 2 ½ years) and more television viewers migrating daily to the web to watch Netflix, Yahoo and Amazon created entertainment venues, consumer expectations for video quality are climbing.  And, with so many more eyeballs and so many different choices for viewing, it stands to reason that putting your best foot (or video representation) forward gives your story a much better chance of getting viewed and ultimately influencing your audience.

A properly executed, quality video can substantially increase your campaign and brand’s performance, simple as that.

Joel Bienenfeld, VP, Director of Production

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