We are happy to present the first of three blog posts about SMZ’s process of Listen. Think. Do.


Words are powerful, but decoding what those words mean is priceless. Listening plays a crucial role right here at SMZ.  We have face-to-face conversations, cell-phone-free meetings, take notes, and re-read content over and over and over again, just to make sure the details are accurate and presentable. This all demonstrates how we do more than just “hear” from our clients, but actually sit down, have a conversation, and listen. We take in strong consideration to their wants, needs, desires, and goals, and generate a plethora of ideas to accommodate their specifications. This illustrates how SMZ is an active listening company and we take pride in thinking with our ears.

Victor Spieles, creative director, said it best: “Whatever the Think. and the Do. will actually be, will come directly out of the Listen.

Tune in next week to see how we Think. at SMZ.

Andrew Fuller, Account Coordinator Intern