Good Combination

June 6, 2022
June 6, 2022 Jamie Michelson

Good Combination

Because of the pandemic and a health condition, I have not been able to go to the gym. That means when I next do, I likely won’t remember the combination to my Master Lock. That means having to buy a new lock. Before purchasing the Costco 12-pack of colorful locks as the disposable solution, I am trying to recall the current combo from memory. That took me down the rabbit hole wondering why locks work the way they do?

“Turn the dial clockwise two full rotations to the first number of the combination. Then turn it counterclockwise past the first number to the second number. Then turn the dial clockwise to the third number and voila, the lock will open.”

I know it has to do with cams and gears. Clearly, I am not a safe cracker. Yet it represents a strange convention that is globally accepted.

How about applying that convention to decision-making? Take in the problem, spin past it a couple of times, turn back at it, and then flip to a solution. That little bit of to-and-fro might just loosen up a fresh way of thinking about things. Or it will open up a locker with some much less fresh workout gear.

I do have a second lock in my bag. That one opens with a key. Now where might that key be …