February 18, 2013 smz-blog

Give your seasonal business some off-season marketing bang


– Terri Peirce, Director of Media Buying

As an ad agency, we don’t have a down season per se. But we do have several clients you could consider seasonal. After all, they don’t play hockey in August or baseball in January.

And while seasonal businesses are busting butt much of the time, it’s important to use the off-time to keep top of mind with customers and prospects.

1. Capture a strong list of interested customers DURING the season, so in the off season, you’ll know with whom to stay in touch.

2. Keep those reviews coming and keep asking for them. Use them to remind past and potential customers you know how to keep people happy.

3. Be creative when it comes to making your website and blog content relevant to the off season. That way, you can build a bridge to your peak season with familiar customers and hopefully new ones.

4. Keep in contact through social media. It’s the perfect time to offer special discounts, conduct polls and get people hyped for the new season.

5. Keep the emails coming, but don’t overdo it. You want to nudge memories about you—not bug the heck out of people.

6. Find ways to keep the hype up and keep ‘em looking forward to what’s coming next.

7. Finding a niche can help keep things steady through the off season. You don’t have to be an expert, just create more reasons to come see you.

8. Don’t forget the locals during the off season. Often they get pushed aside during busy times. Show them the love with off season specials and support.

How do you keep people thinking about your business all year long?


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