Executive Coaching for Remote Work

October 22, 2021
October 22, 2021 Jamie Michelson

Executive Coaching for Remote Work

Executive Coaching for Remote Work — Just Use Your Remote

For helping me through this pandemic and all the challenges of being a business leader in this “new reality,” I want to thank my coach … Ted Lasso.

I’m serious, a TV show coach. Coach Lasso has sincerely inspired the way I like to approach things at work: optimistically, with a sense of humor, and with obscure cultural references. This new-on-the-scene coach can shake and bake but mostly he has the courage to deal with mighty challenges and the unknown – all while sporting a V-neck sweater and a smile.

Coach Lasso listens to his team. He trusts his leadership group. He reads voraciously. And he knows it’s about the process before it’s about winning.

I’m better on the pitch (and in a pitch) because of Coach Lasso. For a few bucks to Apple+ (lord knows they’ll appreciate it) you can get some of that wry and wise counsel too. Give it a view and enjoy.