Destination Downriver: Give it a Go!

July 13, 2020

Destination Downriver: Give it a Go!

When it comes to Michigan there are dozens of overlooked and underappreciated regional gems. One of these is the Downriver communities. Individually these eighteen communities lacked the funding and voices necessary to garner in-state and regional tourism attention. But with some shrewd folks, a dedicated board, a “were all one community together” plan, and a welcome assist from the DMCVB, the idea for a regional partnership voice came together.

SMZ is proud to have been selected as the agency to assist in crafting and launching Destination Downriver. We have been a guiding partner, from helping to focus the messaging, to creating the visual branding, to producing the video, to assisting with the social media launch. Great dance partners lead to great work and PR, for a well deserving and charming group of communities.

Welcome to Destination Downriver: Miles of linked greenways, trails and paths along with accessible waterways to hike, bike and paddle. Friendly communities with their own unique histories where you can stroll, shop and dine. Discover all the treasures Downriver has to offer. Give it a GO. #destinationdownriver

– Victor Spieles, Creative Director