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10 ways to be a mentally strong marketing pro image

I’ve read about Navy SEALS and the challenges — physical and mental — they must endure to make the cut. The mental portion intrigues me. After all, our business is not for the faint of heart. So I then read a great article about mental strength. The author says to increase yours, you need to change your outlook and be willing to do things no one else wants to do. And do them regularly.          Such as … Fight when you already feel defeated. Quitting when the going gets tough gets easier every time. Force yourself to face the challenge and it will become easier. Delay gratification. Patience and learning you have to put in the time ...

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Digital Marketing = Instant Results … Hold on, not so fast! image

“The campaign launched yesterday” “Ok, what’s our ROI?” Sound familiar? Our current world of digital has brought wonderful and powerful opportunities to marketing, while at the same time creating urgency for results that at times are simply unreasonable. And, creating undue stress on many CMOs in the process. In an article posted by Adam Kleinberg, he references a study published by Russell Reynolds Associates. The study shows CMO turnover is higher than ever, including retail, where 48% of the top 30 retailers in the U.S. have had a change in marketing leadership in the past 12 months. “In interviews with a dozen CMOs and CEOs, Russell Reynolds concluded that there were eight distinct factors – but if I were pressed ...

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